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I'm a writer-turned-creative-dabbler. I ogle "happy" designer fabrics and aspire to one day owning my own online fabric shop especially suited for my fellow modern creative pioneers embarking upon the sewing frontier. A journey is always more exciting with a friend!

My faith carries me through the rough patches and gives flight to my dreams.

I'm a recovering home schooling mommy to my 7-year-old super boy and 5-year-old ragamuffin princess! I've been married to my very best friend and sanity-saving-hero for 8 years. I call our simple life "blessed."

...and I'm always hooked up to an IV of flavored diet coke with pebble ice. Chocolate? Vanilla? Marshmallow? Anyone...anyone?

remembering it all when so much comes your way

I don’t know about you, but I’m notorious for not following up with emails/texts/FB messages/Instagram posts and such. The problem is two-fold. A) I need time to think before I reply most of the time. The first thing that comes to my brain isn’t always the best decision overall, sometimes it’s rooted in a desire to please the person who sent me the message so I might give a quick “Sure thing” but then realized that I had bitten off more than I could reasonably take on– NOT a good idea. So I wait. B) The much more likely culprit is communication overload. Let me explain:

There is a good chance that when I see your email/text/FB message pop up that I’m sitting at a red light, waiting in the school pickup line or sneaking a peek at my phone while I’m doing dishes {it’s sad, but true, that we don’t have a dishwasher in our little cottage 2.5 years later. It’s somewhere on the to-do list}. What happens is that I register that I’ve seen your message, but then when I sit down at my computer, it’s no longer unread and I just don’t think to go back to it. It’s slightly disastrous and makes me a feel all frazzled once I realize {sometimes MONTHS later} my oversight.

I can’t make technology stop. I’ve tried not checking my email via my phone, but that’s not super convenient either, so I just have to help myself adapt & remember what I can.  Enter: DRY ERASE BOARD

They use them at Mary Lou doughnuts to jot down your order and then just wipe it clean when the next customer rolls up. It’s genius I tell you! So guess what I got?

dry erase 2

You know it! and its a TOTAL life-changer. Quick idea pops into my head? Jot it down. Finished? Erase. {This doesn’t actually help me when I’m out an about, but maybe I SHOULD put a travel dry-erase board in my purse. It’s a great idea. {Also, Project Life scrapbooking cards with a hole punched in them and attached to an O-ring is a great way to jot down and keep track of reminders– I should do that. It’s a better idea than the portable dry-erase. I digress.

Also tip #2. See that washi tape up there? Remember me telling you about my email problems? Print your important emails! Seriously. And tape them up next to your desk with washi tape. It’s the little things, folks.

And there you have it: Kirsten’s quick tips for organizing your brain. Let me know if they work for you too.

Monday, Monday…

Good morning, peep-er-o-loos,

It’s Monday morning. The sun is shining. I’m determined to get this week off on a good and productive foot. All things considered, it’s a win, I’d say.

So did anyone out there do anything fun and exciting over the weekend? We’ve been knee-deep in the garage rebuild {doggone tornado} and while it would be completely errant for me to pretend like this actually involves MY time and energy {all kudos go to my dad and Jeremy and the host of other men who have offered their personal hours and muscles to make it happen– it all feels very, um…Amish. Barn raising, anyone?!} it has kept us from being able to simply enjoy our summer weekends doing family style stuff.

It is what it is and I’m grateful. But nonetheless, I am so So SO ready to steal away and spend time with the family. We’re working on that right now since our big awesome Cali trip had to be cancelled due to a business trip for Jeremy. {WAHHH!!!} We’re two weeks away from vacay time and still vacillating between the beach or a stay-cation. Apparently this time last year I decided that we needed to do the beach next time.

Screenshot 2014-07-21 13.10.31

Well… it’s after 1pm and my morning wasn’t nearly as fruitful as I had hoped. Rather than keep on blithering about nothing {because really, let’s just call a spade a spade today and admit that is what this post really is} I suppose that I should get a few things done. I have Zippy’s to finish and packages to put together for the mail.

Do you have a favorite vacation spot? If so, I would love to hear all about it! You should leave a comment with tips for those of us who are in dire need of a getaway. ;)




Tuesday Shop Notes: Working

Good morning! It is the 15th of July and I am sitting here in the studio wearing jeans and a lightweight hoodie. At 61 degrees outside with sunshine pouring in through the windows, today is bliss. Woohoo. I would love to announce something really fun today about the shop, but truthfully it’s not always a whole lot of “fun” but rather a whole love of work. Work can be good though. Today IS good. ;) I’m thankful to be sitting in this office starting in on the July Zippy! pre-orders. {If you are patiently waiting on yours, they are officially in process, so get excited!}

teal hipster green chevron cropped rounded edge

If you didn’t pre-order a wallet for July, it isn’t too late. You can even comment here with your Paypal email and zip code for shipping and you will get an invoice OR you can always just skip over to Etsy to order too. I’m not too picky. My goal is to always make a few extras with each batch to pop in to the shop as well, so be watching for ready-to-ship availability soon!

Once I get a good running start on those, I plan to finish up a batch of head-wraps. I wear them almost daily and when they are made with incredible organic fabrics, I can’t help but fall even more in love. If you want one for your little one, keep you eyes wide open, because those are coming to the shop too.

Stacks of Headwrap Fabric

And last, but not least, this pile of fabric strips ALWAYS makes me smile.


It’s the little things, folks!



Why Disney Ranks Tops for Family Vacation

I was 15 when I went to Disney World for the first time on a Youth for Christ trip during my freshman year of high school. We had the option of choosing one park for a day trip, and I picked MGM {now Hollywood Studios} thinking that the Magic Kingdom would be too “kiddish.” It was fun, but I don’t remember feeling compelled to go back with any urgency.

Fast forward to my senior spring break. My boyfriend at the time and I took a trip down to Florida and stayed with family friends. We started the morning at Universal Studios and despite the time of year, managed to get through all of Universal by noon. At the time there was no Islands of Adventure as it was under construction in March 1999. Since we were already in Orlando, we opted to scoot over to the Magic Kingdom for the afternoon rather than head back down to Clearwater. –> this is the point where I was going to throw in a picture of me at Disney back in the day, but instead I can only find one of the guy. Sooooo… that would probably be awkward to post unless I was in it too. We’ll just skip that.

While I loved the Magic Kingdom, that trip still didn’t spark the Disney love-affair that exists today.

Jeremy and I decided to take the kids down to WDW again in the summer of 2008. We again just bought a one day ticket and it rained. Parker cried. Jeremy took her back to the hotel while Peyton and I spent a few more hours in the park. Seriously folks– IT WAS A BUST.

Disney World 2008And then something magical happened in the summer of 2009. My parents and I decided to go and take Peyton alone to Disney World for 5 days {he was four that summer and we thought that was the perfect age– and it was!} Opting to fly down and stay on property at the value All Star Movies resort and taking advantage of the Disney Dining Plan, all I can say is GAME-CHANGER! It was BLISS and I am forever ruined.

2014-07-14 10.50.11

Now I’m not at all knocking going down to Orlando and staying off property. It can save you money, but if you do a side-by-side comparison, it probably won’t save you much {with the huge exception of whether or not you are taking a large party then we can revisit that conversation}. What Disney does beautifully is EXCELLENCE. They give you an experience and they serve it up with a smile and kindness. They turn the tiny details into magic and allow even the oldest adult delight in childlike wonder.

Jeremy and I keep looking at other vacation options– and sometimes we go elsewhere for a different style of adventure, but the truth is that now we’re wary of investing our vacation funds in places that may leave us disenchanted. We know that we will not only have a great time, but that we will have exceptional service when we choose Disney. It’s difficult not to make that choice.

Here are the specific stand-outs that rank Disney tops for me: {I will elaborate on each of these in future posts}

1. Disney’s Magical Express Service~ Bus service that whisks you straight from the airport to your resort

2. Disney Dining Plan~ It is NOT a vacation for my brain if I have to cook or think about food. I love everything about the DDP and aside from a cruise, this makes Disney the best “all-inclusive” option in the United States that I’ve found.

3. Extra Magic Hours~ It may not *seem* like a big deal, but if you stay on Disney property playing at the Magic Kingdom until 2 am is absolutely a magical experience.

4. Disney Resorts~ Love them. It makes transportation throughout Disney a breeze.

5. Disney Cruise Lines~ AMAZING!

6. Dole Whips ~ Look it up. I swoon.

7. The Vision of Walt Disney~ I leave inspired and vision-filled every.single.time

And who wouldn’t love this sort of smile?

2014-07-14 11.17.04

If you’re thinking about planning a family vacation and are interested in finding out more about Disney, please feel free to send me a message and follow me over on my travel Facebook page, A Happy Trip. I love Disney so much that I became and “Official Disney Travel Specialist” this past year. It is seriously one of the most fun things that I get to do with people. SO FUN!




I Heart Deer

I have a thing for rad hipster-ish lookin’ deer. Call me crazy, but they just make me smile– like EVER SINGLE TIME I see one.  I haven’t gone overboard {yet}, but I really dig my plastic decoy deer because it’s so kitschy and unexpected. And I love this Hipster Deer print because it’s really what started the whole Zippy! thing for me. Suffice it to say, these little deer just have a special place in my heart. In fact, we have a deer family that likes to hang out in the woods behind our house and we like to watch each other. They don’t run away when they see us open the front door and we do our very best to let them enjoy living here safely.

I even cut out a small square of my special fabric to mount in a hoop for all posterity. Undoubtedly I will thank myself for taking the time to do that.

Hipster Deer Mounted

Whether you want to call the deer thing  or not, I’m going to love what a love. Butterflies, foxes, Boston terriers, birds & owls …they are all great too. But this buck does my heart happy. And truth be told, it reminds me of one of my bestie’s hubs too. S. George Thomas, I’m lookin’ at you– and THAT makes me smile even more!

P.S. I WANT glasses like that. Headed to the eye doc on Wednesday for a new prescription. I will own awesome glasses. Warby Parker might be getting some business soon! passe

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