The Thing About Busy

It’s Sunday night and I’m doing my best to sit here and “get things done” in tandem with fixing dinner, facilitating bath time and thinking about the possibility of just sitting back and relaxing for the rest of the evening. Tonight I’m feeling a smidge bit guilty for being behind on my “31 Days” blog posts. If you’re keeping track of the dates, earlier I posted “Day 8″– only it’s October 12th. That puts me 4 days in the hole and I feel toe-scuffling guilty. Only, I really shouldn’t feel guilty; You know why? These blog posts aren’t producing the most fruit for my business or for my personal sanity right now. What is producing good fruit is when I post on Facebook or Instagram about Lovespun Studio or A Happy Trip. What also produces good fruit is when I shut down my brain and just relax.


The thing about being busy is that we have to measure the value in our actions. A chronically busy person burns out. We can only sustain a harried pace for so long. Some longer that other. I am admittedly on the short-term end of that spectrum. As I’ve gotten more familiar with my habits and my patterns and my tolerance levels over the past few years, I realize that I have two choices when my gauge starts pushing beyond “BUSY.” I can: A) Back off or B) Burn out.

So this is blog post is here to serve as notice that I’m choosing to back off for the moment. In addition to the shop and travel responsibilities, I am speaking at a retreat next weekend and facilitating the time with the teenage girls who will be there. And that– that’s connecting with people. Choosing to invest my heart into preparing for next weekend is going to the top of my “to do” this week. If I have time I will pop back in this week and add a few more days.

I fully plan to have 31 posts on “Planning Your Disney Dream Vacation” when all is said and done. In all likelihood, it simply won’t be finished in the month of October. I’m ok with that. Are you ok with that? Thank you for letting me learn and grow and have a safe space to rearrange my priorities. It’s so important to keep evaluating and changing and growing. It’s important to give yourself permission and grace to readjust commitments that don’t compromise a promise to another person. If there is something in your life that is bogging you down and it is something that you can let go– then let it go. Life is too short for stress.



100714 KCS Blog

I can go and go and go…until I can’t. I’ve been on power-on mode for the past week and tonight my body is telling me to stop and breathe deeply and go to sleep. So I’m going to listen. It’s only taken me 34 years to figure out that charging through tired only leads to more tired. I know that I should be posting my “day 7″ in the Write 31 Days series, but well, day 7 will just have to wait a day or two. Never fear if that’s the whole reason that you stopped by. It’s in my drafts.

Tonight I rest. Tomorrow I teach. I write. I cook. I clean. I plan travel. And I have fun doing it all.

But tonight, I close my eyes and let my body recharge.  Rest really IS good for the soul.



Six Minute Post

100214 JUSTwrite

Sometimes I challenge myself to do more. To be more. To live more. To see more. To experience more. To listen more. To be still more.

It isn’t something that I think about and strive toward, but rather, it beckons me. It isn’t the sort of “more” that interjects “busy” into my life, but rather the deeply enriching sort of “more” that seasons my minutes on the Earth.

Six minutes don’t allow for multitudes of words to spill out over the page, but hopefully it does offer a moment for honesty and authenticity to wash over the blog like a fresh wave pulling the stray bits of pretense back out to sea.