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My heart is to help you and your business succeed. If you have a product that you think may be a great fit for Lovespun Studio, I welcome you to send them my way for review. Please keep in mind that items in the following categories may be more likely to be reviewed on the blog: handmade, children’s apparel or toys, books/planners, fabric, patterns, items supporting social good, faith and encouragement, vacation planning or women’s apparel & accessories.

Although I cannot guarantee that your item will be featured in an individual post, I will attempt to work items that meld with our brand into my daily posts. If you would like to host a giveaway, please send an extra item for giveaway purposes. However, please be aware that only blog sponsors are guaranteed a giveaway.
Please email me at kirsten at lovespunstudio dot com for more details or to ask questions.


  1. Kris Olivera says:

    I know you had a blog post back in may about decrease in facebook reach after promoted post.

    I thought you might like this article

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