Monday, Monday…

Good morning, peep-er-o-loos,

It’s Monday morning. The sun is shining. I’m determined to get this week off on a good and productive foot. All things considered, it’s a win, I’d say.

So did anyone out there do anything fun and exciting over the weekend? We’ve been knee-deep in the garage rebuild {doggone tornado} and while it would be completely errant for me to pretend like this actually involves MY time and energy {all kudos go to my dad and Jeremy and the host of other men who have offered their personal hours and muscles to make it happen– it all feels very, um…Amish. Barn raising, anyone?!} it has kept us from being able to simply enjoy our summer weekends doing family style stuff.

It is what it is and I’m grateful. But nonetheless, I am so So SO ready to steal away and spend time with the family. We’re working on that right now since our big awesome Cali trip had to be cancelled due to a business trip for Jeremy. {WAHHH!!!} We’re two weeks away from vacay time and still vacillating between the beach or a stay-cation. Apparently this time last year I decided that we needed to do the beach next time.

Screenshot 2014-07-21 13.10.31

Well… it’s after 1pm and my morning wasn’t nearly as fruitful as I had hoped. Rather than keep on blithering about nothing {because really, let’s just call a spade a spade today and admit that is what this post really is} I suppose that I should get a few things done. I have Zippy’s to finish and packages to put together for the mail.

Do you have a favorite vacation spot? If so, I would love to hear all about it! You should leave a comment with tips for those of us who are in dire need of a getaway. 😉





  1. Katy says

    Our favorite vacation spot is Holland MI. We get to stay for free because my in laws live there but we live it up tourist style all weekend long. AWESOME beach, shopping, great mini golf and go carts, blueberry picking, coffee shops, an old fashioned candy store. Our favorite restaurant is Holland Brewing Company. We have to go to Captain Sundaes for some ice cream. They have lots of rentals and hotels nearby.

    I also recommend a jaunt up the lake. You could stay a night in several towns. St. Joseph, Holland, Ludington, Pentwater and Traverse City.

    • says

      I really do like Holland too! So pretty! We’re headed up there in September {South Haven & Holland} for a quick weekend in August! Holland Brewing Company sounds yum and Captain Sundaes is an adorable name. My mom is completely enamored with Crane’s Orchard too. 😉

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