a writing road

tulips, love print and engagement photo

You’ve probably noticed that despite the construction and changes to the blog, I haven’t been around these parts lately. As much as I hate to admit it, writing and blogging is a part of my life that ebbs and flows during various seasons. I used to feel the need to beat myself up about it, but the truth is that I am learning to simply give myself permission to write and share when the urge strikes. Writing is a journey rather than a race. I find myself simply walking along the writing road. Stopping occasionally to wander off the path and explore from time to time.

So here I am today with the gray skies begging me to cozy in and rest– to draw close to the Lord. To listen and breathe and enjoy the moment that is today.

Here’s to more writing. I feel like there is so much to catch you all up on! Soon…

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