A Lovespun Green Smoothie


Healthy. Yummy. Filling… & GREEN!!!

I’m almost positive that I’ve mentioned no less than 482,473 times that I am a black-or-white, all-in or all-out kinda girl. This applies to far too many categories of my life than I would generally  like to admit. My health and nutrition has assuredly fallen into the “all” or “nothing” categories  {usually the “nothing” one– just keepin’ it real} for my whole life.

I’ve been arming myself with knowledge about adopting a healthy lifestyle for probably the past 5 years now.

Said information about positive lifestyle changes have simply collected dust in the far recesses of my brain. I’ve known what to do. I believed the information, and yet I continually made a willful decision to ignore what I knew to be true in favor of what I also knew to be easy. Fast food. Mountain Dew. Triple Mocha Lattes. Those choices were easy. {and yummy and highly addicting in their fast and easy simplicity}

Eating gluten free. Limiting my dairy. Picking up an apple. Those options seemed a) too overwhelming and b) not pleasant. The truth is that I really like convenience– and I really like food. And for years I have REALLY HATED VEGETABLES. Not kidding. They used to make me feel nauseas just looking at them. {still keepin’ it real}.

Despite my mental block and taste disdain for all things healthy, we have decided as a family that we want to choose health. We want to avoid having to take medications as we age if at all possible. We want to play with our grandkids and take our great grandkids on vacations. I don’t want to feel like I’m walking around in a cloud of chronic fatigue {because on a typical day I feel like I need to crawl into bed for the night at 4pm}. The truth is that I knew I was choosing fatigue, aches and pains and some concerning problems with my memory and focus. I was choosing to allow my body to break down because I was avoiding the fuel that I knew my body so desperately needed.

Like most people, I wasn’t sure where to start– and this is a journey not a race– so I’ve really just begun still. But this smoothie helped make “green” not only bearable, but ENJOYABLE.  If you want to make some changes too, but are overwhelmed with all of the information out there, maybe just whipping up one of these each morning will be a great starting point for you too.

In a blender add the following ingredients:

That’s it! For real. It’s yummy. As in, really really yummy! And of course you can change the fruits as desired with two caveats 1) the banana is what gives the smoothie its super creamy texture, so you might want to keep that in there and 2) I recommend always adding the lemon juice. It just adds a great fresh taste.

I’ll keep you posted about this little journey. In fact, Jeremy started a juicing today. I’m super proud of him. Honestly, the juice was pretty great. If you’ve never watched the documentary “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead,” I would absolutely recommend it.

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