I’m Smitten::Crimson Tate

Have you ever been in search for something that you weren’t quite sure even existed? {Well, except in your head.}

I’ve had the perfect fabric store swimming around in my brain for the past few years. In fact, if you didn’t already know it, owning  a fabric shop is something that I aspire to one of these days if life so graciously allows. In the meantime, right in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, enter: Crimson Tate .

Stepping inside Crimson Tate is like walking into Wonderland for the vintage-inspired, modern fabric enthusiast! I mean, just look at those business cards/product tags. Adorable!

Pieced quilt tops, church pew shelves and scrap happy bins punctuate the space like ticker tape confetti. Even more delightful is owner, Heather Givens, and her warm, joyful and friendly conversation. I could have easily spent hours petting fabric, dreaming up projects and spending my life savings had time allowed.

I mean, what’s not to adore about a fabric shop that carries the blogosphere’s famed “Hipster Deer” and oodles of other yummy Japanese imported fabrics?!

If you live in Nashville,  Cali, NYC or Salt Lake City this may not seem like such a magical moment, but for us Hoosiers who have been longing for such a place, this is pure bliss!

Honestly, I visited and reviewed City Craft in Dallas, TX before we moved back to Indiana. I thought it was great–then. Fortunately for me, Crimson Tate just upped that ante. Had a been adequately prepared for it’s awesomeness, I would have brought my “real” camera and shared great photos of the store itself.

Hmmm…maybe that’s yet another great excuse for visit number 2! Crimson Tate, I’ll be seeing you soon. {insert dreamy smiles}




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